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shemakes final conference info

Live streaming on shemakes Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as TCBL Facebook. Open and free to all.

To close the shemakes project, this hybrid event will present key results and open up discussions about how an “opportunity ecosystem” might bridge today’s gender and innovation gap in the textile and clothing industry. Morning and afternoon sessions will be streaming live on social media.


10 - 11:30 CET / Keynotes

Introduction by Frédérique Thureau / CEDECS-TCBL, and Isabel Berentzen / Waag.


Mariangela Lavanga / Erasmus University Rotterdam

Feminism in action: post covid gender challenges in the Textile and Clothing industry

What is the role of women and their influence on transparency, environment and social sustainability in the textile and clothing industry? What gender challenges do rise especially in the post covid era? Associate Professor Mariangela Lavanga (Erasmus University Rotterdam) will address these questions and also introduce a new research project that aims at defining feminist fashion in theory and practice with a specific focus on the Netherlands. While on one hand, fashion has been long used as a tool for socio-political change and considered as a feminist issue, on the other hand, there is little (empirical) research done on the role of women, activism, feminism and fashion in shifting towards more inclusive prosperity

Bill Macbeth / Textile Centre of Excellence

Let's get real: sound strategies for innovation in the T&C sector

Shemakes advisor Bill Macbeth speaks about how we can address the barriers to diversity and gender equality across our sector, those that limit our ability to embrace sustainability.

Becky Earley / Centre for Circular Design

We know why but how? Methods and tools to support collaborative ecosystems

We can clearly see the pressing need for greater equity, justice and balance for planet and people. Women and girls are protesting on the streets - from Iran to Stockholm - in a bid to be heard. We can do so much if we work together; change becomes more possible as we empower each other through words and actions. Yet it is not easy to build and then maintain new opportunity ecosystems. It demands new ways of working, new sources of energy, different kinds of resources. In this talk, Professor Becky Earley shares insights from the ecosystem of Centre for Circular Design - from small scale internal projects to large consortia - positioned within frameworks of co-design, complex collaboration and compassion.


11:30 - 12:30 / RESULTS

Presentations on: shemakes ecosystem outcomes and next steps / Emerging findings on shemakes social impact / Fostering equity in innovation.

Speakers: Frédérique Thureau / CEDECS-TCBL, Cecilia Raspanti / Waag, Kerstin Junge / Tavistock Institute, Ista Boszhard / Waag


14 - 16 CET / Conversations

Small group conversations about shemakes activities regarding STEM Skills, Business Skills, Community building & the Lab Model applied to Wool. Each group will be composed of  partners, transfer labs and ambassadors, and will be moderated by Alexandra Korey / Flod.

Curiosity & Discovery Paths
  • Nuria Robles (FabLab Leon - Curiosity)
  • Shannon Sykes (Onl’fait - Discovery) 
  • Alexandra Baltazar (Viva Lab, Porto - Curiosity)
  • Valentine Fruchart (Green Fabric, Brussels - Discovery) 
  • Diane Wakim (Ambassador - Discovery)
Lab to Lab Projects
  • Marion Real, IAAC / FabLab Barcelona
  • Cecilia Raspanti / Waag
  • Petra Garajova (Ambassador)
  • Sanne Visser (Ambassador)
Innovation Path & Business Engagement
  • Beatriz Sandini (Waag - Innovation Path)
  • Victor Senave (Makesense - Business Engagement)
  • Carolina Tulgara (ZIPHOUSE - Business & Innovation)
  • Alexandra Florea (Ambassador, Business)


Local activity (Reserved for attendees)

Workshop / visit for attendees in Amsterdam (sold out)

If you'd like to join in person in Amsterdam, there is limited space available at Waag; please contact us.

Live streaming on shemakes Facebook and YouTube channels, as well as TCBL Facebook. Open and free to all.