Gender vision

We seek to inspire women and girls to join us in leading transformative change in the textiles and clothing industry.
We want to enable more women to take up leadership roles in the sector, and are therefore creating an environment where women and girls can learn new skills, innovate and take risks free from stereotypes. 

To achieve this change, we base our work on five values, which are then translated into concrete actions in how we work and how we relate:

  • Equal –women and girls participate and are rewarded equally in T+C education and work 
  • Collaborative – women and girls are working with others sharing similar values 
  • Welcoming difference –women and girls and their contributions are valued independent of their backgrounds and gender self-identification
  • Empowering – women and girls to lead change in T+C and not to be held back by gender stereotypes
  • Inspiring – women and girls about the opportunities in textile and clothing
Shemakes gender vision

Shemakes gender vision