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In October 2017 in Geneva, the Onl’Fait association opened the city’s first educational FabLab, a space dedicated to digital creation that is open to all. Onl’Fait provides its community with the technical, technological and human resources to build, repair, share, try out, crash, start again, then develop, rebuild and revolutionise a concept, a prototype or a product among an eclectic community of enthusiasts.
The Onl’Fait FabLab is a space for inter-generational and multicultural encounters aimed at pondering an ecological, sustainable and citizen-led approach to science, technology and consumption. A FabLab is also, and most importantly, a worldwide sharing resource in which members are alternately contributors and beneficiaries and experiences are pooled in order to optimise overall innovation potential.

Lab typology

The type of lab is defined by how it approaches innovation: design, make, or place.

Key Activities

This lab works in the following activities:

Community engagement
Business support service


How many people work/volunteer in the lab.
Total staff: 7 people

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