VIVISTOP Užupis is a part of global creative community comprised of children and creative people to live autonomously called VIVITA. VIVISTOP Užupis provides a creative learning environment equipped with modern creative tools and inspirational stuffs. VIVISTOP is child-teenagers-friendly, open plan workshop and innovation studio where kids can discover, experiment and create by themselves. Our activities are supported by hardware and software tools for ptototyping, robotics and other creative tasks developed by VIVITA team. VIVISTOP is equipped with different various tools, materials and devices, such as a laser cutter, 3D printer, sewing machines, different electronics equipment, child friendly programming and prototyping tools and much more.

Key Activities

This lab works in the following activities:


How many people work/volunteer in the lab.
Total staff: 7 people

5 She/her
2 He/him