Camille Le Gal, Ambassador

Co-founder of Fairly Made®
Short Bio

Camille Le Gal is the co-founder of Fairly Made®, a company with the mission to improve the social and environmental impact of the textile industry. Driven by the desire to work as close as possible to craftsmanship, Camille started her professional path in Peru working for Sumaqkay Paracas, a local interior design & handbag company. She also had the opportunity to work for luxury houses such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel in Paris; and to explore the asian market working for a communication agency in Hong Kong. It was in 2018, after 1 year of investigation that she launched Fairly Made® with Laure Betsch, a very good friend from high school. 

Fairly Made® offers a SaaS platform for brands to improve their supply chains and measure the impact of their products. Thanks to a specific methodology, brands can assess the impact of clothing & accessories with 4 indicators : Traceability, Social, Environnement, Recyclability.