Capucine Robert, Ambassador

Short Bio

Capucine Robert is a French designer and maker who believes in a hopeful future by creating sustainable objects and textiles. During her product design studies at LAAB in Rennes, she led a project on the black wool of Ouessant sheep in Brittany. Since then, she has been passionate about wool and its transformation from raw material to textile. Capucine has worked in a fablab in Grenoble where she developed skills in digital fabrication and got closer to the world of makers, do-it-yourself culture and rapid prototyping. In 2021 she began as a student in the Fabricademy program, where she discovered natural dyes, and since then she has continued her dyeing experiments on different materials. She is currently a member of the Textile Lab in Lyon. She is working on a European project, consisiting in the creation of natural-dyed wool rugs, inspired by regional forms of the Romanian region of Transylvania.