shemakes Voices: Silvia Brandi


Shemakes Voices is an online interview series that celebrates female innovators in the textile and clothing industry. Silvia Brandi is the eighth guest talking about the future of cities, architecture and technology with Ista Boszhard, concept developer and co-founder of Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam.

As the head of Atlas of the Future, Silvia Brandi enjoys raising the value of the people and projects building a better future from all over the world. She is part of a functioning farm that is also a fabrication laboratory, equipped with digital and traditional machines, situated in a rural part of the province of Styria, in south east Austria. She describes herself as a creative and inclusive leader with an optimistic and goal-oriented attitude. She is interested in value-driven organisations and projects with a positive impact on the society.

Watch the video of the livestream below

& Read the blog post about our interview with Silvia Brandi (to be published soon).