Textile Narratives

The shemakes ecosystem looks beyond hard skills to embrace the complexity of the personal, employment and innovation landscape of textile and clothing industry. The research area that we’re calling “Innovation and Textile Narratives” tries to identify what cultural conditions or combinations of elements are necessary to spark change. 

We speak with women who have succeeded in the textile and clothing industry and others who have gained soft skills and are looking for a way to break into the innovation landscape. In this way we open up a discussion about past, present and future narratives and hope to support designers and makers to gain confidence, leadership and entrepreneurial skills that fit with their own ambition so that they can actively and consciously take part in systemic change. 

Exploring these narratives - expressed on this website through blog posts and through the profiles of and interviews with shemakes advisors, gurus and ambassadors - intends to discover what disruptive disruptive technologies, materials and processes will transform the industry, shed light on the diversity of stories that make up our world, and develop critical and holistic thinking to better integrate sustainable design strategies when leading or participating in projects. 

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