Complete list of events

On this page, you can find a complete archive of events that have been held by shemakes labs and partners.

The events section of this website prioritizes listing upcoming events that are online, open to the public, or held in multiple locations. On this page, you can find a complete archive of events that have been held by shemakes labs and partners. 

Phase one activities led by partner labs

In this phase, partner labs developed and tested activities that will be replicated in phase two.


Club I - Bacterial dyeing

Lab/Partners: IAAC
Bacteria dyeing workshop with MDEF students; proposing coaching for projects if some participants show interest to continue on the topic. 

Leather moulding with Grasshopper
12/04/2021 - 16/04/2021

Lab/Partners: IAAC 
Leather moulding: Manufacture of a moulded leather pouch using a parametric modelling software (Rhino and Grasshopper) to draw a shape to be made with the CNC. The shape will then be moulded in leather.

12/04/2021 - 16/04/2021

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait 
E-textile: Manufacture of a drawstring bag with integrated electronic components: light sensor, microcontroller (Gemma or Lilypad) and LEDs. The bag will be decorated with die cut self-adhesive fabric.
See the photo gallery

Modular Fashion
12/04/2021 - 16/04/2021 

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
Modular Fashion: Fashion workshop and laser cutting. Participants will draw titles to assemble without having to sew them. The material used will be laser-cut felt. Tiles will be used to create a purse.
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Introduction to Biomaterials

Lab/Partners: FabLab León  
Hands-on experiments for young women. We spoke about plastics and pollution and how biomaterials can be an ecological alternative for textiles. Participants made bio-silicons and bioplastics made from agar-agar and alginate that can be used as molds or as materials to make some garments.
See the video on YouTube

Biomaterials Design - An immersive demonstration of biomaterials

Lab/Partners: IAAC
Fab Lab Barcelona invited alumni from Sant Marti School for an open demonstration of biomaterials and their manufacturing processes. The session was held at the Disseny Hub. Three different biofabrication processes were demonstrated (plates, molds and 3D printing) along with a guided visit to the exhibition “Remix el Barrio”.

Numerical festival - E-textiles workshop
18/05/2021 - 20/05/2021

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait

Activity Name/Title: Kick-start your mycoculture

Lab/Partners: IAAC
Learning how to work with mycelium with MDEF students PART 1 (inoculating petri dishes)

ReWool - workshop for Arts&Technical Universitity students
27/05/2021 - 28/05/2021

Lab/Partners: REDU
Invited creative workshop for two classes of students at Iași’s technical university, exploring new working methods in transforming wool from raw material to finished product.
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Microbootcamp for educators

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
Microbootcamp for educators (primary school teachers and education university students) at Fab Lab León. Interactive monster and customization of a bag with textile vinyl activities. Our intention is to receive feedback from educators on how to integrate these activities into the school.

Make your own e-textile garment

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
E-textile activity for kids at FabLab Leon for CEL (Association of entrepreneurs) families

Interviews with Fabricademy Alumni
01/06/2021 - 30/07/2021

Lab/Partners: WAAG

Innovation Narratives

Lab/Partners: ALL 2.4
Launching event (pitch) for Fabricademy alumni & innovators.

Voodoo Dolls Workshop

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
Make and create voodoo dolls with the introduction to e-textiles to kids.

Interviews with women innovators
15, 18, 22/06/2021 - 2/07/2021

Lab/Partners: Makesense
Exploratory Research to identify and empower career paths on innovation with Fabricademy alumni + exemplary women innovators part of the Lab local network.

Voodoo Dolls Workshop

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
Make and create voodoo dolls with the introduction to e-textiles to kids.

Mini Fabricademy - textil workshop for girls 8 - 11

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
A 2-day workshop for girls to learn technology through textiles. Design, digital fabrication, electronics and programming to make your own interactive monster. Girls also learn to design and fabricate a modular lasercut garment.
See the video on Youtube

Mini Fabricademy - textile workshop for girls 12 - 15

Lab/Partners: FabLab León 
A 2-day workshop for girls to learn technology through textiles. Design, digital fabrication, electronics and programming to make your own interactive monster. Girls also learn to design and fabricate a modular lasercut garment.
See the video on Youtube

Wearables for kids (6-9 years old)

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
Wearable Activity for kids in Light Museum (Ponferrada, LEON). 2 hour workshop to make an interactive monster.
See the video on Youtube

Interactive Monster for FAB16

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
A workshop to create modular elements, structures and connections that allow the user to change the shape of a garment, resize it or replace certain elements. The attendees designed and prototyped modular shapes and configurations, as well as locking connections with paper, by hand. After this, digitally design this parts and lasercut them.

Modular Garment for FAB16

Lab/Partners: FabLab León
The workshop consisted of creating an interactive textile character in which an electronic circuit is introduced, that allows the different colors of an RGB LED to be turned on. Participants could either sew the various parts of the character that have been provided or create their own design.

Challenge Solving Workshop

Lab/Partners: Makesense
Workshop to help two women entrepreneurs solve challenges with the help of 6 experienced mentors in the T&C field. 
See the video / See the photo gallery / Read the blog post

Mini Expo - Bio Materials 
15-22-29/09/2021 - 2-6-11/10/2021 

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
Workshop to learn about bio materials and their fundamental role in the T&C industry. 

Women in fashion: paving the way for female entrepreneurs

Lab/Partners: WAAG
Leading women in the Dutch fashion and textile industry will discuss how to address the gender gap, and create enabling networks that support more and more women stepping into leading roles.
See the video / Read the blog post

REDUcing the gender gap - Creating a community.

Lab/Partners: REDU
A workshop to contextualise, involve and empower a number of key stakeholders from different fields (on the quadruple Helix model - academia, business, public administration and civil society) to join us in our efforts to close the gender gap and to define a plan to develop or improve (if it already exists) a Gender Equality plan, that we can start working towards it in the next period, each in our own working environments.
See the video 

Barcamp on woman entrepreneurship

Lab/Partners: Makesense
A barcamp is an event in which participants are actively involved and decide on the content of the workshop. The barcamp was opened by inspiring women entrepreneur who shared their vision of business and innovation. The participats were then divided in small discussion groups on topics they actively proposed. The barcamp ended with a collective recap on key activities inditified to create a better enabling environment for women entrepreneurs. 

Personalized T-shirt: Zombie Apocalypse 

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
A workshop to learn how to use the vinyl cutter and the open source software "Inkscape" with the theme of zombie apocalypse. 

Atelier de couture électronique at Mapping Festival 

Lab/Partners: Onl’Fait
A two-day workshop about e-textiles as part of the Mapping Festival, a major event in the fields of image generation, technological creation and exploration, attracting both experts and curious. 
See the photo gallery

TCBL Days 

Lab/Partners: Flod and TCBL
TCBL Days 2021 held four days of online events to discuss four “ingredients for sustainability”: creative, circular, local, and inclusive. Shemakes lead two sessions on December 2, 2021, on this final theme. Morning and afternoon sessions addressed the role of innovation in bridging the gender gap, first generally, then specifically in Barcelona. The local session was streamed live by the Flod team which was present in BCN for the partner meeting.
Watch the morning session / Watch the afternoon session 

Demonstration of biotextiles and applications

Lab/Partners: FabLab León  

Nuria Robles and Lorena Delgado from Fab Lab León worked with a group of Biotechnology university students on a series of hands-on experiments.
Watch the video

11F International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Lab/Partners: FabLab León  

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, children and parents from Fab Lab León gathered to know each other, share ideas, past and future projects. 
Watch the video / See the photo gallery


Phase two activities

In this phase, the new "Transfer Labs" applied the learning and replicated the activities developed in the first phase of the project, adapting to local needs.

Due to the large number of activities held in Spring of 2022, the following is a simple list divided by type of activity to give a sense of the range of activities held. Please click to open the list relative to the section in which you are interested.

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Curiosity Path

VIVALAB / E-monsters -Special School: Teach the students how to make a RGB circuit and hand sew a E- Monster

VIVALAB / e-Slippers -Celebration of the Women Day with an electronics & textile activity

VIVALAB / Sanded  T-Shirt -Celebration of the Day of Women in Science to Inspire young girls how we can upcycle textiles with new techniques with 21st tech.

VIVALAB / Sanded Tote Bag -Teaching young people about a new technique with the laser cutter on fabrics

VIVALAB / Sew Tote Bag - Teaching young teenagers how to laser cut and sew a fabric tote bag

VIVISTOP / E-hero  -Learn basics of electronics, soft sensors, sewing and modular textile construction

VIVISTOP / Modular tote bag - Use pre-cut felt to assemble zero waste accessory

VIVISTOP / E-hero on modular tote bag - Learn basics of electronics, soft sensors, sewing and modular textile construction

Decode / Digitalizing Looms - assembling a laser cutter loom and create a wool project

Decode / E-monster in the museum

Decode / E-SDG - e-monster adaptation explaining Sustainable Development Goals

Decode / E-SDG - e-monster adaptation explaining Sustainable Development Goals

Decode / Digital textile recycling - Fabricate stamps for tote bags for recycling

Le Textile Lyon / e-Dancing Shoes - Explore new technologies associated with textiles

Le Textile Lyon / Textile Waste Composite - Explore textile waste problem by making a new biomaterial composite

LEON / Biomaterials exhibition - Introduction to New textiles to Santa Maria Micaela School

LEON / International Day of Girl and Woman in Science - Exhibition of the textile projects developed by the girls

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Discovery Path

Green Fabric / Modular fashion – How to make laser cut modules in order to create objects or garment from leftovers fabric

Green Fabric / Textile and coding – How to make embroidery patterns from code with

Green Fabric / Hack knitting machine - How to use spreadsheet and a hack knitting machine to generated knit patterns

Rog Centre / Online International Symposium - Innovative Biomaterials in Design

Rog Centre / Cellulosic materials workshops - How to make cellulosic materials out of kombucha, onion peels, garlic skins, coffee husks, ginger, apple etc. 

Rog Centre / Biomaterials workshops - how to make biopolymers with gelatine, agar-agar, sodium alginate, apple pomace. 

TPL / From Yarn to textile - making yarns and twines using conventional and unconventional materials using the Hilo spinning machine and turned them into knitted and woven textiles

TPL / Exploring Fibre creating yarn - learning the basics of yarn and twine making and use the Hilo machine to create their own threads from different materials

TPL / E-Textile Playground - learning the basics of E-Textiles and using the TPL toolkit to realise their own E-Textile projects in small groups.

TPL / Smart Stitches - Learning to make simple circuits and communicate inspiring messages using cross stitching.

Vivistop  / E-garment #1  - Thermochromic fabric dyeing

Vivistop  / E-garment #2 - Draping/moulage technique

Vivistop  / E-garment #3 - E-textiles

ICT / Clo3D, 3d fashion design software tutorial and inspiring talk, led by the ambassador and a guest lecturer

ICT / Biomaterials Workshop

ICT / Soft robotics Workshop

ICT / Rhino+Grasshopper + 3D printing

ICT / Bacterial Dyes Workshop

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Innovation Path

Lottozero / Directory Newsletter

Lottozero / Survey of the members of The Lottozero Directory

Lottozero / 3 interviews- portrait special edition for Fashion revolution Week

Lottozero / 8 business management sessions

ZIPHOUSE / Survey for the representatives of the T&C sector

ZIPHOUSE / Interviews of female entrepreneurs

ZIPHOUSE / Networking event ”Fashion Brunch Party”

ZIPHOUSE / Visit to Romania at Romanian Creative Week, participating in the workshop on Bio Materials

FarmLab / Survey about women innovators

FarmLab / In depth video interviews

FarmLab / Visit to the FarmLab to Wool Mill

FarmLab / Visit to the FarmLab to Wollgenüss

FarmLab / Visit to the FarmLab to Erikawollwerkstatt

ITC / Survey researching female textile innovators in Iceland

ITC / In depth written interviews

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Community Engagement activities

VivaLab / World Café - Bridging the Gender Gap

RogLab / Community Vision Co-creation Exercise

CCD / GENDER FUTURES - A speculative design workshop which aims to raise awareness on gender biases and empower self-expression and personal vision.

RogLab / Identifying the general perception/opinion regarding gender gap - ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE

RogLab / Validation workshop: Gender Equality and Diversity plan for Center Rog - Creative Hub

CCD / GENDER VISIONS - event, including interactive, participatory workshop elements, inspiring talks and informal discussions. 

VIVALab / Textile Festival - 2 day event that aimed to empower and create links with the local textile community

REDU / Gender Gap @ Past tense? filmed discussion on the pluses and minuses faced by 5 young women in the textile industry throughout their careers 

DECODE / Future Women Innovators - a workshop for the selected participants to map out the challenges that current women and future women face in each sector regarding education, technology and innovation, followed by a discussion of findings and networking. 

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Business Engagement activities

makesense / Day of female entrepreneurship (challenge solving workshop) to tackle the entrepreneurs’ most urgent challenges. 

makesense / Day of female entrepreneurship (pitch my target) - Training and workshops to share useful contacts for entrepreneurs to open new opportunities.

makesense / Mentorship program - A 3-month mentorship program to help entrepreneurs move forward with their project while feeling supported.

Le Textile Lab / Co-development sessions - Through five sessions, five women entrepreneurs met around a co-development methodology to advance their entrepreneurial projects and overcome the challenges they faced. One to one coaching was also organised thanks to the ambassador of the Transfer Lab.

Le Textile Lab / Co-development sessions - Through weekly sessions, Fabricademy students met around a co-development methodology to advance their entrepreneurial projects post-Fabricademy and overcome the challenges they faced.

Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL) / Coaching sessions -Through several coaching sessions we helped Hannah Fischer of Boob Talk to define the product better, create sample prototypes for different functional areas of the bra and business advice.

Lottozero / Mixer event - An aperitif dedicated to female entrepreneurship, but open to all, where experienced female entrepreneurs from the district and young start-ups from the world of sustainable fashion meet with the aim of helping each other and creating new connections.

Lottozero/  Lab collaboration on business engagement - Presentation of best practices, exchange of know-how, information on infrastructure, data, networks, and the planning of a roadmap toward a more established form of cooperation between existing textile and fashion labs.

ZipHouse / From Waste To Experimental Couture at the Romanian Creative Week 2022 - Presenting the work of female led sustainable brands to an exhibition “From Waste To Experimental Couture”, part of Design section at RCW22 and spreading their sustainable stories.

Lottozero / Brand round-table - Round-table discussion bringing together three female entrepreneurs and helping them engage with the local community.

Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL) / Her textile path - Digital event where 12 female innovators presented their own career path and inspiring story. In the second half, the audience could get feedback on their own ideas, ask the innovators questions and get tips for their own careers in 4 theme sessions.

ZipHouse / PopUP Shop - Organising the selection of a group of young designers, emergent clothing and accessories startups in order to present them to the general public; in a PopUP Shop type, during Creative Industries Festival, Chisinau.

ZipHouse / Fabricademy Bootcamp - Meeting with inspiring profiles to inspire the participants in their path and help them gather new useful knowledge while expanding their address book.

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Lab-to-lab engagement activities

The lab-to-lab activities are summarized in this analysis of Wool Mondays, the hybrid diffused event that brought together the four transfer labs involved in this part of the project.